This blog is open to contributions from Society members, and anyone who is interested in medievalism and genre in popular culture. Possible contributions include, but are not limited to:
  • Offering comments about recent scholarship in medievalist studies, reviewing articles, books, and other sources that look at how current popular culture uses the medieval
  • Offering short-form medievalist scholarship, or doing in brief what we look at other people doing
  • Advertising events of interest to the Society and its membership, usually scholarly meetings, but possibly others
  • Advertising calls for papers, both those of the Society and those relevant to the Society's interests
  • Advertising publications by members of the Society (we have two volumes in progress, and we hope to be able to report many more from our members)
  • Noting member accolades and awards
  • Reporting the formal business of the Society, such as business meetings and changes to the charter and bylaws

Those who want to join the Society, or who have already joined and want to contribute, can email All who have an interest in how what we do now in our popular culture uses the medieval are welcome!

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