Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kalamazoo 2018, Again!

In an earlier post, I write this:
The sneak peek of the CFP for the 2018 International Congress on Medieval Studies is up, and it shows this:
Tales after Tolkien Society (2): Reclaiming the Dead and the Undead; Medievalism in Metal (A Roundtable)
Contact: Geoffrey Elliott
P.O. Box 293970
Kerrville, TX 78029
Phone: 830-329-5602
Since it's up, I figure I ought to note what all we put out about it, so that the CFP can get answered appropriately. The following text emerges from what I sent to the Congress for consideration--and, it seems, tentative approval!

I. Reclaiming the Dead and the Undead
A paper session, the panel seeks to interrogate appropriations of medieval concepts of un/death in contemporary media, attending to how the medieval corporeal/spiritual divide is reinscribed and transgressed by the appropriations. In brief, it means to look at how recent ideas of un/death correspond with medieval antecedents and what that correspondence suggests.

II. Medievalism in Metal
A roundtable, the panel seeks to investigate medieval referentiality--acoustic, iconographic, thematic, and otherwise--in metal music and among metal bands. (The session will likely need to make use of a/v equipment.)

Send in abstracts and contact information; I'll be glad to have them!
It occurs to me that I ought to clarify a bit.

We're on the CFP, and we'd love to have your submissions. If I could get short abstracts (100-300 words for the paper session, 50-100 for the roundtable) and the PIF available on the Congress website, I'd be grateful. Earlier is better, of course, but the deadline is 15 September.

Send 'em in! Non-traditional scholars are especially encouraged!

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