Sunday, June 3, 2018

About Travels in Genre and Medievalism in 2018

𝔉our years ago today saw the beginning of this blog, and at a couple of points (here and here), I have stopped to comment on the status of the blog and of the Society for which it is and remains a mouthpiece. In those earlier status updates, I've noted the number and frequency of posts; it is fitting that I do so again:
  • Since the last update, it has been around two years, some 104 weeks, during which there have been 151 posts, some 1.45 posts per week.
  • In total, there have been 235 posts (including this one) across 208 weeks, an average of 0.89 per week. 
Where it all began...
 Owing to some series of entries, posts have been at least more regular since the last status report than leading up to it. Shiloh's excellent Game of Thrones Re/Watch, which emerged from and perhaps contributed to her successful book-writing efforts and work with The Public Medievalist, accounts for no small part of it; I flatter myself that my Voltron: Legendary Defender Re/Watch is at least keeping things going. And the work of a few other contributors--Society founder Helen Young and member Brian Brooks stand out as examples--have added to our richness.

Work to improve upon the format and layout of the blog continues. Aligning the reading series has been of some help, making it easier to explore how ideas on the blog relate to one another. Increased attention to paratextual features has also, I think, helped; it is at least the case that the Society is taking more care with what the materials look like that it posts for people to see.

Some concerns remain, of course. We are always happy to accept new members; simply email us with your name and let us know you want to join. We're also happy to accept submissions of short-form scholarship, commentary, or rewatches from members; email us to send along your ideas or full pieces. Member news and CFPs are also things we'd love to post; in either case, send stuff along, and we'll see about getting it in front of people!

We look forward to hearing from you, and we thank you for your continued reading!

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